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Located in Rochester, NY, Scott Photography goes above and beyond the average studio, and work to ensure that your true, unique personality is captured! You get all the “perks” of dealing with a technologically advanced, professional photography company. Yes...there are other good photographers to choose from, but personality is KEY to capturing your inner self. YOU CANT TEACH THAT. Don’t leave it up to just 'anyone' to capture something as important as you!

We focus on making sure everything related to our quality of work and relationships with our clients is consistent: from the initial phone call and consultation, to the way we handle the shoot, to our policies and structure, to the ordering appointment and quality of finished product. In other words, while we want the creative side of our business– photos, videos, fashions, shoot ideas, etc.– to be unpredictable, we have to make sure that when it comes to our brand, who we are, how we do things, that our clients can trust us. No matter how much we experiment with new techniques or add a creative element to our offerings, we won’t compromise our quality or, most importantly, our character.

Scott Photography uses the same cameras and lenses used in fashion shoots, and our studio lighting will accompany you on location to create magazine-style images of exceptional quality. Using studio lighting in outdoor settings, we’re able to create looks that can’t be achieved using natural light. The use of studio strobes allows us essentially to be in a studio with full control over the direction, size and quality of our light. This is especially beneficial when shooting after sunset when deep, saturated colors fill the sky. We are obsessed with quality and light, so one of the ways we chose to differentiate ourselves from the average photographer is to bring the studio on location, so-to-speak, with studio strobes.

All of our photo shoots at Scott Photography are custom-designed for everyone involved. Before your photo shoot, we will work with you to find out what you love to do and build a creative concept for a series of photos around that passion! Our artistic vision combined with your unique personality will allow us to create images that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Family portraits, model portfolio, head shots, weddings and glamour portraits is what we specialize in. 


Scott Photography

(585) 576-4170

e-mail: scottfotoz@gmail.com

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