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For the actor or performer, a headshot is a marketing tool designed to get you noticed and get you work. For executives, speakers and small business people a great headshot is all about "branding". Don't you want the most effective headshot you can get?

A successful company may be the sum of its employees, their work and its products, but the human face of a company will often be represented by a small number of people: the CEO, the members of the board, and the officers who make the key decisions. Shareholders, clients and partners may love a company’s brand — but they still want to know who lies behind the strategy and who is setting the direction. They want to know whom they’re doing business with.

Executive portraiture turns a corporation into an individual, and it makes a personal relationship built primarily on the exchange of products and services. This is not something that can be obtained through a stock library or through any method other than the hiring of a professional photographer.

“The most important part of your LinkedIn profile is your picture.” A client pointed me at a great web video today called “The Do’s and Dont’s of LinkedIn Branding” by Kevin Nichols. About 7 minutes into the talk, the Mr. Nichols states something I’ve been telling business clients for years: “The most important part of your LinkedIn profile is your picture. It’s your first impression” “…it’s worth hiring a professional.”

This is solid gold advice for personal branding. Check out the full video here: The Most Important Part Of Your Linkedin Profile


Our standard headshot session takes about 15 minutes shooting time per subject. This ensures we capture a variety of expressions and angles to help you look your best. 

All  CD/Digital download images include retouching!

Your digital download is usually ready in 3 hrs.

1. Individual HeadShot Sessions $85.00

Your session includes: one outfit, 10-15 minutes of photography, instant image previewing & 1 image on CD and/or download. 

- $49 for each additional image chosen for the CD/Digital Download.

2. Individual Multiple Image HeadShot Sessions - $149.00

Sessions that require up to 2 outfits and/or 2 finished images on CD/Digital Download. 

- $49 for each additional image chosen

- Session time is 30 minutes.

3. Portfolio Headshot Session - $225

Same as the Individual Headshot Session + the digital download of all your best photos (usually 10-20 images) in high-resolution.

-Your photos will be processed and edited in Photoshop for optimal color, brightness, contrast, clarity, and white-balance & blemish removal.  

-This session is recommended for professionals needing multiple business/executive portraits for their company website, Linkedin profile, resume, business card, Facebook page, etc.

Group & Corporate Headshots 


10 - 15 minutes each, with basic coaching for optimal pose and expression.

3 - 5 people - $125/person

6 - 12 people - $99/person

13+ people - $79/person

-Requires a minimum of 3 people to qualify. 

-Includes one (1) digital download of each person's best photo in high-resolution.

-All photos are processed and edited in Photoshop for optimal color, brightness, contrast, clarity, and white-balance.

6 - 10 photos are taken per person, on average. 

Additional images may be purchased and retouched for $45 each.

Additional Information:

- Turnaround Time -

-Corporate headshot clients can expect to receive their electronic photos (digital download) in 5 business days or less with groups fewer than 100 people.

-For groups greater than 100, please allow 5-10 business days for editing and electronic delivery.

- Delivery -

-Images are delivered via digital download from Scott's website.

-You will be able to order prints at reasonable prices from your private gallery.

- Payment -

-The balance is to be paid in full by the end of your session. Check or cash is preferred, credit card is accepted.

Individual sessions require a $50 deposit to book.

- Travel -

-A travel & setup fee will be included with your quote.

-Scott is available for on-location shooting throughout Rochester and the continental

United States.

-The local (Rochester, NY) travel & setup fee is $150. Inquire about pricing for travel to multiple locations.


Group discounts only apply to headshot sessions completed on the same day, or however many consecutive days needed to fit in the entire group. Prices and packages may be subject to change at any time.


A non-refundable $150.00 Booking Fee is required to guarantee a photo session date/time. Balance is due at time of session. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or company/business check. No personal checks, please.


For rescheduling, please call at least 48 hours before the photo session.If you need to reschedule less than 48 hours before your appointment, a $25 fee will be charged. 

5 Points To Remember

1) Choose a photographer who's work you love

2) Find a photographer you love

3) Be coachable

4) Feel good about yourself

5) Plan to work on your expression. Celebrities have a 'Look' because they work on their expressions. Feel like you're in an environment you feel like you can "play"…it brings out your personality.


Scott Photography comes to your business location or office complex, sets up a mini portrait studio and you send your employees to us as soon as they have 5-15 minutes available.

- We take a selection of business and/or social head shots

- you instantly proof your photos on a computer monitor

- you select your favorite before going back to work.

e-mail us hereto schedule an appointment.

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